About us

We are Penny & Eric Karaspilios—Franssens and we live in Deurne near Antwerp in Belgium.

As a child I’ve always had dogs and mostly sighthounds. In 2000 at last we had our own sigthound, Zino, a cross galgo from Spain. A few years later we took Chivas out of a dogs home near us. Chivas was a cross azawakh-greyhound and thanks to him we fell in love with this beautiful but very special breed the “Azawakh”. Sadly Chivas past away just two weeks before Esed arrived in Belgium.

Our Esed comes from Agg Amaias in Germany. After waiting for more than two years, until his breeder Christiane Thier-Rostaing decided to have a litter with the beautiful Tigidit Essamet and the nice longlegged Tombouktou’s Qutaybah, our dream finally came true. In October 2009 he arrived in Belgium.

Soon after Esed arrived in Belgium we decided that he would get a friend, as our Zino was getting older and didn’t want to play the crazy azi games. Once more we decided that our next azawakh would come from Agg Amaias. This time we were lucky enough to have the sweet and lovely import bitch Tagola with the friendly and sporty Bastien’s Wanjala as parents of our next boy Fehed. Fehed lives from Febuary 2012 with us. Sadly Fehed couldn’t learn a lot from Zino as he passed away in May 2012.

Thanks to Christiane Thier-Rostaing for trusting us with these two wonderful males.                               Thanks to Von B for the picture.